End of Day

It’s not yet a wrap for you even though you heard the call. This is paperwork time!


Your Logs from the day need to end up with the Production Department and the Editors. If your writing is neat you can photocopy the pages. I prefer to type them up and email them. I do as much as I can on set when I have a bit of time.


You need to have a Master Marked Up Script with you that’s going to travel between the production office and set. This spare copy will eventually end up with the Editors. Select the script pages you shoot that day, mark with squiggly lines each shot and write in notes if needed, like how the director suggests to cut a scene, backup shots, sound FX, etc. Scan and email, or take to set in the morning and send to the office. At the end of the shoot hand it over to the production office.

I’ve been using an e-script for the last couple of years so I don’t waste paper anymore, I email the markup to all at the end of the day.


The Daily Production Report has info on what you shot that day: when you turned over, what scenes you shot, how many setups/shots you’ve done, what is owing, what was shot extra, how many rolls of film, details on times, length of footage, sound cards, slate numbers (check templates). You also need to add your estimated script times for that day and the actual times shot. You need to estimate if the film is running over or under the scripted times. You also need to do the Daily Ratio if you’re shooting on film (check Maths). The report is then emailed to the Office.

Depending on how much of this work you manage to do on set it should take between half an hour to two hours in overtime.


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