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Scripty Legends

The one and only Teruyo Nogami, Akira Kurosawa’s Script Supervisor and life long collaborator. Her scripts look like they’re ready to be framed, so beautiful! Please watch this interview where she talks about her work with Akira. Advertisements

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On Collaborations

A couple of months ago someone hash tagged me in a tweet that quoted something I had said during The Generation Next conference. I felt incredibly flattered since I am not often quoted online; I don’t remember ever being quoted. Also because I am … Continue reading

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Generation Next

I was invited to take part in the Open Channel conference this year alongside other professionals in the industry. Thank you for the opportunity Open Channel!  

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Live/Love Work

  It’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog. Let’s just say that ‘life’ got in the way. But work is life and life is work, or better said I’m one of those who lives to work rather than works … Continue reading

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A few classes coming up!

Hi again, After the last TV show I took some time off to shoot a music video, I went overseas to two weddings at the opposite ends of Europe, renovated my apartment in Bucharest in record time, and I am … Continue reading

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Director’s Homework

I must have worked with over a hundred directors by now, with some of them on more than one project. Some are camera oriented, the shots are everything to them. Others concentrate a lot more on performance, they focus on … Continue reading

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Screen Direction 101

The other day I stumbled upon this sweet website that made use of a few Film Continuity rules in a really fun and creative way! Eternal Moonwalk is a quirky online tribute to Michael Jackson. It’s a simple crowdsourced website … Continue reading

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Digressing from the Subject…

In 2009 I had the chance to experience something really amazing! I was the Director’s Assistant on a low-budget Feature Film when the Director asked me to join him for a special rehearsal with his main cast. We were having rehearsals … Continue reading

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Script Supervision Course

Hi all, Open Channel Melbourne asked me again to run their intensive Script Supervision Course this year. It will take place in November over the weekend of the 17th – 18th. The course is for those who want to work in … Continue reading

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Beautiful Shots Versus Coverage

I just wrapped on a lower budget film and it seemed that every day we were facing the same issue: to spend more time on a certain setup to make it look as beautiful as possible or to get coverage … Continue reading

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