Sabi Paisa, earpiece and stopwatch on – that’s how you recognise a Scripty on set

I grew up in one of the many prefab concrete suburbs of Bucharest, in Romania. At first I studied and trained to be an Architect but an amazing opportunity and my constant curiosity about how films were made prompted me to move to Perth in Western Australia where I started my career in the film industry.

I got my very first Script Supervision job in 2003 on a low-budget feature film. I was still finishing my BA in Media and Film in Directing. Someone from the production saw the graduation film I wrote and directed and decided to hire me on the basis my film was pretty ok, attracted government funding and won a few local awards. It was very exciting! That production opened my eyes to how important and rewarding the role of the Script Supervisor was.

Soon after the shoot I moved to Melbourne and worked on as many films as I could to get the experience needed for professional work. I learned from every person I met on set and gained the confidence and the experience I was after. That is how a long and beautiful journey started!

No book can really prepare you for the job but you definitely can’t do the job without the theory. The Directing major and the Editing experience helped a lot. I knew what Directors needed from the Scripty and I understood how the footage was going to be cut.

Script Supervision is my favourite role on set. I am always busy, it stimulates me and I am one of the few to see the work on a screen as it’s being filmed. As a bonus, I get to meet really amazing people!

After working on hundreds of productions, some amazing TV shows and Features, giving lectures on the subject at the Victorian College of the Arts, Open Channel and the Multicultural Hub, I am still not bored doing it. That’s because every project is unique and comes with a different set of challenges. There’s always something to learn, new technologies I need to keep an eye on and new shooting styles. There are even new styles of visual storytelling.

One thing that never changes though is the need to tell a good story. And that, my friends, is why I love cinema and the reason I want to be part of this Industry!


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  1. Hi this is Yannic from Munich, Germany.
    We’ve developed a script supervising app called easySCOTT (http://www.easyscott.com), which is now used in German serial productions.

    Since the slating and the exportet sheets vary pretty much between countries I am researching the american slating at the moment, cause our system works only for european shoots right now. So i’m looking for an american Scripty 🙂 Could you imagine a Chat or a Skype call for a little talk about american slating, typical editors log etc.?
    Would be great to hear from you

    • MsKemosabi says:

      Hi Yannic,

      easySCOTT looks pretty good! I’d love to chat about it and get some more information.

      I hope you realise though I am not an American Scripty! I reside in Australia and here we prefer to use the European slating system. However, I have worked with the American system. It is used on some productions that mix American and local crews.

      Send me your email so I can contact you in private!
      Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. Ionut Boboc-Enoiu says:

    E imbucurator de stiut ca dragii nostri colegi, prieteni … spune-le cum vrei (fie ei si fosti), se ocupa si de lucruri serioase in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, urmandu-si vocatia si avand curajul sa iasa din tipare, din tiparele impuse de societatea asta din ce in ce mai dezumanizata. Pana la urma orice forma de arta sau de activitate inrudita cu arta pe care o practici nu face decat sa arate ca a mai ramas putin de ¨om¨ in tine… Pai nene, scurt, cele mai sincere felicitari!!! Cu mult drag Ionut (sa dai un semn cand mai vii pe acasa)

  3. sannekurz says:

    I so admire you’re doing this now – running this site and most importantly script-consult. It sill help a lot of aspiring people to get their story out there on the big screen! – Heading over to my page and putting you in my links section right now!!

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