On Collaborations

A couple of months ago someone hash tagged me in a tweet that quoted something I had said during The Generation Next conference.


I felt incredibly flattered since I am not often quoted online; I don’t remember ever being quoted. Also because I am quite terrified of public speaking so I was surprised to have actually muttered something worth remembering. The truth is I really believe what I said. There we go, something I should keep in mind for future public speeches: speak honestly and some ideas might resonate with others.

Why this, now? I have just come across an interesting paper on collaborations and how important they are in the filmmaking process, how they can and should be taught to film students because they can make or break a project.

It’s a valuable read. I remember of a few projects that suffered because of communication problems or simply because the heads were not great collaborators.

And it’s also written by someone from my old university. Good one Kath Dooley from Curtin!


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3 Responses to On Collaborations

  1. sannekurz says:

    Hey, Sabi,
    for the last two years I’ve been teaching at filmschool in Munich more often. This term for the first time we offered a team building workshop.
    What shall I say…out of 70 students, 4 signed up for the course, not one person showed up.
    Sad, no?
    Even more important, to write and read about this!
    So: Thank you soooo much!
    From a wintery town
    – Sanne

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