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It’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog. Let’s just say that ‘life’ got in the way. But work is life and life is work, or better said I’m one of those who lives to work rather than works to live. Even when I don’t work I do something connected to it – and it doesn’t mean I compulsively rearrange all my books by size and colour (my books are already organised by theme and author, thank you).

So when there’s no work there’s just real life. Even though I have been through this many times to know to look for the next ‘fix’ before I get the cravings, that’s exactly when life kicks you in the guts as hard as possible for having neglected it, like an unsatisfied lover whom you’re really happy to see after a long separation but who in turn has accumulated all this anger caused by your absence. Me neglectful? Impossible! My latest personality test says that I’m the intuitive kind and completely in tune with others’ needs, a person who likes to please and help. No, it wasn’t a test in Marie Claire. It was a ‘legit’ website, with over 7 million tests done to date, which I totally believed since it also said that I was suitable for a career in television or writing.

I was at a party not long ago and someone said ‘Wow, I haven’t met anyone who said they loved their work so much! I want your job’. But it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle! I am indeed one of those who never complains about too much work. I love it, it makes me happy and fulfilled, it’s what feeds me and gives me purpose! Everything else: just the ‘in-between bits’. And when the ‘in-between bits’ aim and kick you in the guts, then better to stick with what is safe and painless.

But when work completely forgets about me then I get to behave like the neglected lover, and I crave it, and I suffer and I would do anything for the next fix! The high is so good that I cannot bear the thought of a breakup.

Hi, I’m Sabi, and it’s been two long days since my last shoot…

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1 Response to Live/Love Work

  1. Mark Hennessy says:

    Hi Sabi,

    Thanks for sending me the post. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you, it’s good to hear a little of what’s going on.

    I get it; I also love the work. When I’m away from it for too long the gnaw and the itch begin and, damn, it needs a scratch! But I also love the life (which isn’t about work) and I feel like I have a good balance now, which happily, informs how I do work. Crazy, cyclic thing…

    So, what’s the latest? Do you have anything in St. Kilda FF this year? A mate’s documentary – Needle, Brush, Arrow, Sword – is being shown in the first mixed bag session and it’s a really fine piece about make up artist/paramedic/iaido master Bob McCarron – an Australian film legend. He’s the guy you want on set when things go belly-up.

    Hope all’s sweet with you,

    Cheers, Mark

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