A few classes coming up!


Hi again,

After the last TV show I took some time off to shoot a music video, I went overseas to two weddings at the opposite ends of Europe, renovated my apartment in Bucharest in record time, and I am now back in freezing Melbourne for a few Script Supervision classes.

First up are a few talks at VCA for the 1st year Script Writing and Directing Students followed by on set coordination of their film projects.

Later in September on the 14th and the 15th I’ll be going back to Open Channel to teach the Script Supervision intensive course. It’s open to those who have some experience on set and dare to work as Script Supervisors. More on what’s offered read briefly bellow, and in more detail in an older post.

First day we’ll talk in detail about what a Scripty does in preproduction and during production. We will talk about script consultancy, breaking down and timing scripts, calculating shooting ratios; we will watch clips from various films and discuss blocking, coverage, eyelines, crossing the line, screen direction and camera angles; we will also discuss the relationship with the Director and the Actors, also the general ethics of working with the cast and crew.

Second day is of a more practical nature and we’ll focus on doing the Scripty’s paperwork. We will use the script and rushes from a project that’s already been broadcast. The students will time and breakdown the script, they will watch rushes and write the continuity logs as if they were on set, they will then simulate providing feedback for each take to all relevant departments, they will mark up the script for post production and they’ll do a DPR. At the end of the class we will watch the edited scene and discuss it from  the Continuity point of view.

The interested need to register with Open Channel.

Hope to see you there!

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7 Responses to A few classes coming up!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m just starting out in the industry and would love to become a script supervisor. I’m in the uk and it’s really difficult here at the moment to find training and a ladder of progression into the job. I was hoping you could give me some advice and if you know of any training schemes that are available to me. Please email me at Mia.ceinwen@hotmail.co.uk, I’d be very grateful for any advice you can give me.

  2. drgeraldstein says:

    Sounds like a demanding job. You are clearly very talented. And you can write well, too! Best wishes.

  3. Open Channel’s moved it to Grand Final weekend. I’m heart broken!

  4. Rose Damon says:

    So gutted that after the last one was cancelled, now this one has been postponed. Can’t do the new dates and I turned down a trip to NZ because I had set the weekend aside for the course! Curse Open Channel. Well, hopefully you will have a chance to run the course again soon? Please do post again when it comes up! Thanks and I hope it goes well with the people who are able to attend.

    • MsKemosabi says:

      Sorry to hear this Rose…
      They just told me they wanted to push it a week later. They’ve just moved to a new location and they’re a bit understaffed so I think that’s one of the reasons they had to do it..
      It’s out of my control unfortunately.
      I’m going to propose doing it through other institutions, a bit more reliable.
      I’ll let you know next time!

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