Script Supervision Course

Hi all,

Open Channel Melbourne asked me again to run their intensive Script Supervision Course this year. It will take place in November over the weekend of the 17th – 18th.

The course is for those who want to work in the industry as Script Supervisors and those who have some experience in this role but want to advance to a professional level. Whoever attends the class needs previous experience on a film set and to be familiar with the industry script layout, the various roles in the industry and a general understanding of how a production runs. However, I had students in the past who had zero on set experience and still managed to understand the nuts and bolts of the role.

This is a specialised course that runs through all the responsibilities of a Script Supervisor. It is a very intense weekend I must say, with 7 hours of contact each day. At the end of the course though, students have all the information needed to do the job plus tips on building a career in the industry, where to find work and how to negotiate their salaries.

First day offers an overview of the role off and on set and detailed step by step information on what a Scripty does in preproduction and during production. We will talk about script consultancy, breaking down and timing the script, calculating shooting ratios; we will watch clips from various films and discuss blocking, coverage, eyelines, crossing the line, screen direction and camera angles versus action; we will also discuss prompting actors and providing off screen lines and sound effects and also the general ethics of working with the cast and the crew. We will talk in detail about what information you need to record for each department.

This first day is lots of fun! In the past I got the students to pretend they were on set so they had to block a scene and suggest the coverage, explain eyelines and screen direction. There will be plenty of visual material to refer to. The students will receive a booklet with diagrams and lots of articles on the subject!

Second day is of a more practical nature and focuses mainly on applying all the skills and doing the Scripty’s paperwork. We will use a script from a project that has already been shot and DO the actual work. The students will time and breakdown the script, they will watch rushes and take notes for each take, they will then simulate providing feedback for each take, they will learn to mark up the script for editing, how to do the DPR and the editing logs. At the end of the class we will watch the edited scene and discuss it from the Continuity point of view.

Overall, this is an exhaustive class great for those who are serious about working as Scripties. There is a lot to cover in two days which means a lot to forget if the students don’t apply this knowledge on set. It really helps if there’s a will to pursue this career straight away. This course will build the confidence needed to chase that next production.

To apply, log onto the Open Channel website and register soon as there are only 6 places on offer!

I hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to Script Supervision Course

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  2. sannekurz says:

    If you are the one holding the course, I’m sure it will be a great journey of fun, learning, entertainment and amazing surprises! – Absolutely beneficial not only for script supervisors but also for aspiring directors, actors and many other film professionals. Didn’t we both together witness two days of reshoots since some people did not learn their scripty lesson??
    Wish I could come! Enjoy the course!

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