Right On Target

Have a look at this photo! Do you see anything ‘wrong’?

Target Shop Australia promotional material

Have a look again! Anything wrong with … the Man?

I shall call him the Octopus Man!

Errors like this one happen all the time in printed media and of course in films when there’s a need for visual alterations or special effects and not enough time – or skills.

This ad reminded me of an urban legend from socialist Romania of the 80’s. Back then the content in newspapers had to go through the tight scrutiny of the Party representatives before anything was printed. The articles and the photographs that didn’t respect the ideology of the Party were censored. Scanteia was a newspaper that reached its loyal factory working readers every morning without delay; except only Once, because of a… protocol error. Cristian Mungiu based one of his scripts on this legend. I am sure something like this happened with the Target ad.

This was an excerpt from The Legend of The Party Photographer, one of the six shorts in the portmanteau film Tales From The Golden Age, written by Cristian Mungiu and directed by various directors. All films were based on well known urban legends from Romania under the communist regime. He wrote these scripts at the same time as his 2007 Palme D’Or winner 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, but as comedies.

And this was my roundabout way of announcing that Mr Mungiu’s Beyond The Hills was accepted in competition at the 2012 edition of Cannes Film Festival. I hope he wins and proves again that for great cinema you don’t need a huge budget and a high profiled cast, but a good subject and great storytelling skills.

I hope I get to work with him one day!

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